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Demolition Ealing

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Time to raze the old and make way for the new? Need to knock down old buildings for a new development or strip an old home for refurbishment? Demolition Ealing offers a range of services for both residential and commercial projects. Need to flatten unwanted factories or break through walls for home extensions? We can put you in touch with the best demolition experts at a price to suit your budget.

Need a demolition crew, but not sure how to find one? We'll help you find the best Ealing demolition contractors at the lowest prices. With our access to a network of building specialists, we guarantee high quality service that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. Commercial or residential, no job is too big or too small for our team of specialists.

What Contractors Provide

Demolition Ealing contractors provide a comprehensive consultation prior to breaking any wall. During this assessment, demolition specialists will decide on the best method of demolition for your project. The different methods employed can affect the cost of the demolition service. Regardless of cost, the best demolition method is always the one that is considered safest. If your building contains hazardous buildings materials such as asbestos, this may affect the cost and require additional safety measures.

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Methods of Demolition

Demolition is not as simple as blowing up a building or bashing down walls with a bulldozer. There are various methods used, depending on the type of structure and the location of the structure in question. Certain methods, such as the traditional ball and crane, create a lot of dust and debris in the process, so they might not be most suitable for residential projects. Implosions requiring explosive specialists can be pricier, but are often considered the best method for bringing down large buildings, especially in commercial or industrial areas.

Industrial Demolition Ealing

If you need factories, warehouses or processing plants demolished, you may need the expertise of more specialised engineers. The demolition of property containing hazardous or potentially harmful substances, such as certain chemicals or gases, may be more expensive. Never attempt to cut costs at the risk of your own personal safety or the safety of the demolition crew. We can help you find the appropriate services no matter what your project.

Safety Concerns

Safety during a demolition, both for the crew and the public, is of paramount importance. The demolishing of a building should only ever be done by professionals. A preliminary consultation is necessary to assess the risks involved in the demolition process. Professional demolition contractors take safety seriously and come prepared with proper safety equipment to operate according to local health and safety regulations.

Recycling and Salvaging

Selective demolition is gaining popularity among builders, as this method involves stripping the old building of reusable and recyclable materials such as wood, brick, metal and even concrete prior to destruction. Recycling and salvaging is not only more environmentally friendly but may even provide a means of cutting costs. Some materials can be reused in the new construction. Although recycling and salvaging can be cost-effective, this method is labour intensive and time consuming, so it may not be suitable for all projects.

Get a free, no obligation demolition Ealing quote today by taking a minute to fill in our online form with a few details about your demolition project. We shop around for you, finding you the best demolition services at the lowest prices. Whether you need to tear down an old house for your new dream home or flatten warehouses for a new office block, we can help you find the best priced contractors.

Your Ealing demolition questions answered

What is demolition in a construction project?

Demolition typically refers to the act of tearing down a structure, either to remove it from the property completely or to rebuild it due to some sort of structural damage.

How dangerous is demolition?

The danger will be assessed by the expert you have hired to perform the demolition. If it's a small project, it probably will not disrupt your daily life, but if it's a larger project, there may be safety procedures that you will need to follow in order to protect yourself.

Do I need planning permissions for demolitions projects?

Not necessarily, but it is important to check with your local planning office to be sure. If you choose to hire a professional, he or she should be responsible for obtaining any necessary permission.

Do demolitions projects need to be done by a professional?

Large demolitions projects or those that require the use of explosives should always be handled by a professional. These projects can be extremely dangerous if mishandled, and can cause extreme injury or death.

What things should be done before demolishing my Ealing home?

You should have all utility services disconnected to ensure there is no excessive spewing of water or gas. Disconnecting your home’s electric service will also make it safe for workers to tear down individual walls.

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