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Lead Paint Removal Ealing

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About to renovate an old home and concerned about the type of paint used? Need to remove known lead-contaminated paint in your home? Finding lead raint removal Ealing can be done with relative ease by the professionals and won't cost you a fortune. Don't live in a home contaminated by lead, putting you and your family at risk. We can put you in touch with specialists at a price to suit your budget.
The Importance of Lead Testing: Lead in the home can cause serious long term health problems and even behavioural problems in children. Lead in paint is particularly dangerous because chipping and flaking leads to paint dust, which is easily ingestible. Lead is also particularly harmful to pregnant women. If your home was built before 1980, lead paint may have been used during construction.
If your house was built before 1980, it is strongly recommended that you organise Ealing lead paint testing, especially if any paint is peeling or chipping, if there is bare soil in the garden where children play, or if you plan to remodel or renovate. Homes built prior to 1950 almost always contain some lead-based paint. Areas of concern include: window frames and sills, baseboards, trims and sidings, door frames and jambs, painted kitchen cabinets and areas around the house foundations.
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Ealing lead paint testing quotesThe Dangers of Exposure: Possible health effects caused by exposure to lead, resulting in lead poisoning, can include increased blood pressure, joint and muscle aches, kidney damage, reproductive problems, an array of stomach problems, anemia, nerve damage, hallucinations and if left untreated, brain damage and death. In children, lead poisoning affects their development including a loss of IQ, poor bone and muscle development and in severe cases, coma and death. Lead paint removal Ealing is the best way to avoid any exposure to contaminants.
The Removal Process: Lead paint abatement includes several options of varying cost.

• Encapsulation ' This method is often considered the least complicated and most affordable. Encapsulation involves applying a specially made paint-like coating over the contaminated area to create a watertight bond. This seals in the contaminant but wear and tear, especially on doors and windows, may risk eroding this coating.

• Enclosure ' In this method of lead paint removal, the contaminated surface is covered with a new one, such as sealing windowsills with aluminium or vinyl.

• Removal ' Wire brushing and wet hand scraping with specialised paint removers may be used by professionals to safely remove all contaminated material. Paint may also be stripped using low-temperature heat guns and hand scrapers. Never attempt any of these methods DIY, as exposure to any lead contaminants could pose serious health risks. Improper lead paint removal can be more dangerous than leaving lead paint intact.
Costs Involved: Lead paint removal Ealing is worth every penny considering the health risks leaving lead in your home can pose to you and your family. Pricing depends on the size and location of the contaminated paint. Different methods of removal may also affect the cost of the process; however, removing lead paint can increase the value of property while saving you possible lead poisoning medical expenses.
Don't live with chipped and peeling paint you suspect of containing lead. Why attempt a dangerous DIY when the professionals are standing by? Take a minute to fill in our online form, describing your paint problems and we'll handle the rest. No job is too big or too small for our team of professionals. Get a free, no obligation quote from us today, and put your mind at ease with lead paint removal you can trust.
Your Ealing lead paint removal questions answered
  • Why is lead paint removal important? The government banned lead-based paint in the year 1978 after becoming aware of the hazards to humans living in homes with this type of paint. It is dangerous to health and can lead to serious illnesses.
  • How do I know if I have lead based paint? A professional can test your home to see if there are any traces of lead-based paint currently on the walls or under the current paint.
  • How much does lead paint removal cost? Lead paint removal costs will depend on how much paint needs to be removed, as well as the kind of material it is being removed from. Most companies will change based on the square footage of the paint to be removed.
  • Can I remove lead paint myself? Yes, if you take some precautions. Lead paint can be removed with paint thinner, with a heat gun, or with wet sandpaper. Never grind off lead paint with dry sandpaper as the lead dust is toxic if inhaled.
  • Can I use paint remover or a stripping product to eliminate lead paint? This is not advisable, as it could cause lead dust to enter your Ealing home, causing health problems for you and your family. Professional removal is recommended instead.
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