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Mouse Control Ealing

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Mice may seem like cute, harmless animals. In fact some people have mice as pets; however wild mice can spread disease and cause fire hazards by gnawing on electrical wires. This is why it is important to contact a competent mouse control Ealing service like those in our extensive database. They are able to handle both residential and commercial jobs, and can offer a variety of mouse control services.

Whether in a house or a place of business, visual evidence of a mouse problem is about the same. There may be noticeable droppings, footprints, evidence of gnawing on boxes of food, wires and cords, and even signs of nesting. These types of visual signs mean you are in need of Ealing mouse control services. Mice are nocturnal creatures. Although they may not be seen during the day, you may hear scurrying and squeaking at night as well as notice an unpleasant odor. Such signs of mice mean you need help from mouse control experts in order to rid your home or business of the animals and their potential for creating an unhealthy, hazardous environment.

Ealing mouse control costs

Ealing Mouse Control Costs

Prices for the control of mice vary depending on the extent of the infestation. The pest controllers in our network start by visiting your home or business and detecting all possible ways mice can be entering the premises. They explain, at that time, what it would cost to mouse-proof the area, and they set out as many traps as necessary. The number and variety of ways mice are getting into the building as well as the number of traps that are needed will affect overall costs. The service representatives return to remove the traps when necessary, and conduct an inspection of the premises to make sure everything is adequately mouse-proofed.

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Your Ealing mouse control questions answered

What options are available?

There are a variety of options for mouse control, including traps. There are humane traps for those who wish to go that route, and there are pesticides that can also be used to exterminate mice.

Do I need a pest removal expert?

In some cases, a pest removal expert is needed for mouse control. If your own actions are not working and the mice are continuing to enter your home, you may have need of an expert before it gets out of control.

How can I prevent mice from entering my home?

Keep debris and garbage away from the walls of your home. If there are any crawlspaces under your house, seal them off with foam or chicken wire to make it harder for mice to find their way in. Do not leave food out, or in easily accessible packaging.

Are mouse traps effective?

Yes, mouse traps are effective, but you have to make sure you get the right trap for size of your mouse. Too large and the mouse will just dance around it. Too small, and it will just shrug it off, or may end up suffering instead of dying instantly.

Is it possible to eliminate mice without killing them?

Yes, there are several more humane ways that will allow mice to be trapped and then released elsewhere. These methods may not be advisable if you have a very serious infestation.

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